Monday, July 27, 2009

R2 in UAT

Release 2 (Employer functions) now in User Acceptance Testing.

So far so good. Functions generally look OK. We have a few issues with the Look & Feel, but functionally looks pretty good at this stage.

It looks like we may need to revisit the design side of things.

We need to decide if we are going to delay R2 until design complete or update the design post release. Some risk analysis required.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Great odds of winning the flights!

The current odds of winning 2 flights to the UK are 1 in 70! Yes 1 in 70! With odds like that - why wouldn't you register and create your on-line profile?

From round 4500 hits, we have had a 350 registrations so far. However, at this stage only 70 out of those 350 are actually eligible to go into the draw.

To be eligible you need to register and create/complete your on-line BeFound profile - so get registering & creating your profiles and you could be flying off to London!!

Better still you could 'BeFound' by your next employer and land an exciting new job.

The Employers search functionality is currently in UAT and is due to go live early August.

Monday, July 6, 2009

BeFound for Employers

BeFound - the new, cost effective way to search for new employees.

BeFound allows you to browse profiles by industry, skill set and region; and/or search using specific keywords. You can be as granular as you like to be sure that you only identify resumes and profiles that match your exact requirements.

Once you have identified a potential candidate you place your request on-line to view their full profile. As this stage you will be asked to upload a position description which we can present to the candidate. If the candidate is happy for us to do so we will send you a secure link to their full profile for your review.

Employers can search and view profiles without limitations for free. There is also no limit on the number of ‘full profiles’ an employer can request. All of this is completely free.

Once an employer is ready to proceed to interview they contact BeFound to arrange the meeting. The employer does not need to do anything - BeFound staff will arrange the interview with the candidate and will confirm the details of meeting with all parties.

BeFound operates a "PPW" policy ie 'pay per win' policy whereby the employer must pay a placement fee to BeFound once an offer of employment is made and accepted. The placement fee is currently $500 + GST. This fee is comparable with running casual job adverts on the top 3 on-line job boards. The big advantage for employers is that BeFound fees are only payable once a job offer is made and accepted. The fees to run an advert on Seek, MyCareer and CareerOne are payable up front with no guarantees that a suitable candidate will be found.

Why seek when you can BeFound...

Candidates - BeFound!

BeFound allows you to create and store your Resume on-line.

Forget all the other versions of your Resume that you have on different media lying around. No more lost USB key, discs or bits of paper. All you need is your username and password and an internet connection and you can access your most up to date Resume. You can update it, save it, print it, e-mail it, and download it. The advantage is that you can access your up-to-date Resume any time any place.

BeFound is an easy way for you to promote your profile to prospective employers for free. A public and completely anonymous version of your Resume will be available for prospective employers to search through, browse and review any time, any place.

The advantage of BeFound is that it eliminates the speculative and cold calls from employers and employment agencies, because all candidate profiles are completely anonymous.

BeFound is not a Resume mining site and only bona fide employers with current position requirements can request to see a full candidate profile. The full profile request is processed by BeFound staff and the profile is only made available to the prospective employer with the permission of the profile owner.

Why seek when you can BeFound...

Friday, July 3, 2009

What is BeFound?

So what is all about?

BeFound turns the recruitment process on its head introducing the concept of a 'Candidate Board'. The BeFound Candidate Board works in the same way as most popular job boards, but candidates are advertised rather than jobs.

BeFound is a revolutionary way to match job seekers to jobs.
The vision for BeFound is 2-dimensional
  1. Give job seekers a single platform to create, store and update Resumes which will promote their skills, experience and advertise their profiles to potential employers.
  2. Give employers a cost effective way to search for new employees or job applicants. The search is completely free and fees are only payable upon placement. This means that employers can save time and money when searching for their next employee.

Thursday, July 2, 2009 is live

Well following a lot of last minute panic we finally went live at 6.30pm on 1 July 2009.

It was a soft launch and we're going to use the next week as a BETA bedding in period before the marketing campaigns start on 10 July.

A huge thanks to the dev and test teams!

Come and have a look and join the employment revolution!