Monday, April 4, 2011

How secure are your details?

Now that BeFound has been around for a some 18 months the major Job Boards are now pushing their ‘Profile offerings’ even more.

All are promoting the fact that you can create and upload profiles and use these to apply for jobs on their site. At the same time they tell you that employers can also use your profile to find you.

Sound great doesn’t it?
But how secure is your information?
The quick answer is – “Not very!

Using one of the major Job Borads I can download your full Resume and see your name, e-mail address and phone number. In some cases I can also see your street address, your date of birth and your referees.  All this without you even knowing about it!  Scared?  You should be!

Before you create a public profile on any of the 3 major Job Boards ask yourself the following:
Q – Who is looking at your information?
A – You have no idea!
Q – How will they use your personal information for?
A – You have no idea!
Q – Do you want your Resume and all your personal and contact information up for sale to anyone that is willing to pay the price?
A – Probably not!

The problem is that Job Boards are now pushing the Profile and Resume finders and downloads as a secondary service and charge employers and recruiters for access to your information. Fine if you do not care who looks at your details, but potentially very dangerous. is the only dedicated Job Seeker database.
  • We do not advertise job
  • We are all about promoting job seekers to employers in a safe and controlled environment
  • We do not disclosed any personal information without your express permission
  • We do not sell your information
  • We do not deal with recruiters – only employers with real jobs (no tyre kickers!)
Know your options and make sure you know how your profile is going to be used and displayed.